There was a thread on Twitter this morning that made me angry.

Because I can relate.

Because it’s happened to me.

Because it’s happened to most (ok well, really, all) of my female friends.

Because it has to stop.


The person writing the thread told a story of how she recently was walking her dog and by the time she got home, was thinking of how she was going to change her dog walking route just to avoid the creep who harassed her.

Since I choose to not drive, I rely on public transportation to get around. Every. Fucking. Time. I get on the bus or train I am instantly aware of my surroundings, of where I’m going to sit (providing said bus or train isn’t crowded), of where other people are sitting, if there’s a seat by an exit should I have to make a quick escape, and of every. fucking. person who gets on said bus or train after me.

So that when I sit down, I’ve got my resting bitch face on. I try to give off the air of ‘leave me the fuck alone’. And that is often not enough.

It angers me because I shouldn’t have to just go about my day, doing regular things without the constant thought that every penis sporting male that gets on the bus or train is going to think that I want to chat.

All this and I still will get harassed on at least a weekly basis. Or I will see another female rider who is.

Guys, come on. Just because you have a dick and we don’t, doesn’t give you the right in anyway, shape or form to be an ass. Get a clue stick. Learn to read body language. Leave us the fuck alone.

And you wonder why we come across as rude?


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