still here

You’d think that if I actually bothered to fucking pony up the money to keep a blog that I’d, oh, you know….update. Right?


Life and that silly adulting thing has such an annoying habit of getting In. The Way.

I stopped actively job hunting in January and I can honestly say, Best. Thing. Ever. in recent times that I have chosen to DO.

No more silly dreams, no more stress. Just me and my silly little bookstore gig and starting next month, I’ll also be working home games for that Northside favorite team.

I’ve really reached the point where if a job lands in my lap, I’ll grab it and run and if it doesn’t, oh well.

It’s not worth the mental, and physical stress and it sure as shit is not worth the toll it was taking on my marriage.


In other news, I keep on buying cookbooks at work. Fucking Evil Employee Discount. And I seem to be coming home with other random books as well. To the point where my husband said we’d have to start weeding books.



I gave our paperbacks a good once over and told him that the ones that he would never read (Game of Thrones, and the Cave Man porn series – really, if you have to ask, for shame. You should know of who I speak And a few other random books) because I can put said books on my Kindle Fire (let’s ignore the fact that I work for the one remaining bookstore chain in the country and Amazon are their direct competition (but hey, I got the Fire for stupid cheap long before I started working for said store)….wait where was I?

Oh, so, yeah, I can put said books on the Fire. So now I’ve got this ass long list of books to read.

So many books. So little time.

he had me at Pilars

I’m currently reading Ken Follett’s “A Column of Fire”. It’s the third book in what’s now apparently known as the Kingsbridge series. Which isn’t really a series so much as three books are set in the same fictional town of England.

Ages ago, a college room mate had to read “Pilars of the Earth” for an advanced history class. She raved about it. I was already familiar with his work, as my dad was a WWII vet and had read (at the time) the books he was probably known best for – “The Key to Rebecca” and “Eye of the Needle”. I’d read those, but really WWII mysteries really weren’t my thing so I was all ‘huh’ when said room  mate told me I had to read this book.

Reading it, you get a really good history lesson in 12th century England. He has always had an interest in the Gothic churches that were built back then and basically wrote a story around that and all the political stuff that was going on at the time.

I was hooked. Pilars has become a book that I tend to re read every couple of years and I still get something out of it. A few years ago, he finally wrote a sequel, “World Without End” that takes place about 200 years later. What’s interesting is the main characters from this book are the direct descendants from Pilars. It was good, and has been worth reading again.

When I started working at the book store back in October, I noticed a new book of his, the aforementioned Column of Fire. Reading the inner sleeve, I realized this was another story, set in the mid 16th century, again in the fictional town of Kingsbridge.

It’s good so far, and again, I’m getting a good history lesson about everything that was going on in England and France at that time. So far, though, it seems none of the main characters are related to characters from the previous books (not a big deal, just thought that was kinda neat).

On another note, ‘Pilars’ was made into a mini series a few years ago.

If you love the book as much as I do, save your time. Really. I couldn’t even finish watching.